broken bridges

Father you are laughing right now, aren’t you? I always held you up on a pedestal even when you had me at my lowest. How stupid I was. That love made me feel numb, wrapped dull hands around my throat. All I had wanted was you.

falling, fallen

    You taste better without nourishment numb buzzing and filling my veins confusing reality with delusions   How long will it be until you miss me until you call on me again beckon me with clear vials-   -misshapen canteens misconstrued truths-   It doesn’t take much to fall into submission

dazed and

  Why can’t you love me as we were   blinding and beautiful with just a touch of madness   darling now I’m damaged


  It’s a shame that you don’t love me like I love you. A misfortune for me, it is, more than it is for you. I’ve chopped up my hair. Went two shades of blue and green, one crimson and grey, light petals of pink to detach myself from you. I have become broken down…


  I don’t think he ever knew what love meant. He could never even fathom it; taste it, touch it. That mundane little soul never knew what it was. Although, he could say it. I would watch him open his mouth, tears forming in my eyes at the beauty of that singular meaning on his…

Witching Hour

    I always wake up at that witching hour   How lonely oh so forlorn eventide is now   My nightmares come to me just like those hands   One greets me satiating my solitary the other one runs away much like you did

Emerald in Color

      Things never went smoothly   That stabbing in my chest couldn’t go away darling not at any cost   Every single time   I closed my eyes I still saw those olive ones could pinpoint every single speckle beige or chartreuse   Those irises flickered as much as your blues   I…

Palaver Sermons

    It couldn’t have been long   Maybe six months Eighty-seven thousand and sixty hours   Perhaps it was decades, darling   Everyday in your presence multiplied into eons Every moment aligned perfectly   So perfectly   I’m sure we were together in every single dimension every parallel universe constellation   The galaxy shifted…


      Oh, darling I tried   How I tried   To spit out old keys The broken chords that lodged my throat   It was as if those strings had lies of their own   They’d invade my dreams   Wispy extremities gelid Steinways   When you touched those chords it was sharper than…

The Face of Janus

    It’s easy enough to do it with a smile   A haughty laughter that sickens you but makes their faces glimmer   Produces peachy cheeks radiant with rose color tints floral shades   They convulse from their bellies   No matter how much your eyes beg for alleviation

Hyakinthos’ Cry

‘Oed’ und leer das Meer’     You gave me hyacinths from your garden   Crude little buds that were as green as those lies lies lies that ricocheted out of your mouth and into my throat I had become nauseated because of those incipient little blossoms   I imagined a prickled case around those…

Daphne’s Revelation

    Have you ever been in love? It’s terrible isn’t it?   It grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until you’ve succumbed to the suffocating feeling   It takes and takes   Until there’s absolutely nothing left the same way you’ve started   You’ve fallen in love with that idea  …

The Scent Of A Lie

    That red hurts my eyes   Blindingly passionate a touch of edacity   It sticks to you like those little insects inside of a web   A web full of lies   Until you get eaten up and dissolved   Becoming one with that rapacious desire