Tag: love

  • linked

        I am starting to count one dot two dots pressed against your skin they connect with the dimples in your cheeks like you are to me

  • molding stars

      You have a band of stars entwined around your throat latching and spewing cold balls of matter   If you grasp it you said you’ll become the ice that lies in my veins   So touch it I did

  • susurrus

        I wonder if this is how Psyche felt when she dreamed up such a love cascading out of her arms trickling through her fingers wings the color of those honey laced arrows   You give me more than butterflies fill me up leave my knees shaking and stomach clenching I would become more…

  • up here, I’m drowning

      My dear, I’ve warned you about flying too high, but you never listen to me, much too enamored with my rays. They will burn you. They will be your demise someday. This matter eats me alive, out here where there’s no air. When I look to you, see the wax that’s covering your wings,…

  • measuring space

      There are stars that connect us they drive us down this pathway mark us with light speckles and passages unreachable   They are open to us these secrets are only ours to know we are the only keepers here

  • peppermint daydreams

      Mistletoe kisses wake me up in the morning streams of sunlight greet me and I open my eyes to plaid presents dozens of bows this winter is cold it’s so frigid darling but your happiness warms my soul

  • five

    It has been years, darling it has been lustrum. I have watched you- brittle and weak- an attachment to this life that I so often loathed. You have been drudged up from muck; on the verge of fatality. Yet there was a spark in you. An energy that was tied to this earth, and sweetheart…

  • dazed and

      Why can’t you love me as we were   blinding and beautiful with just a touch of madness   darling now I’m damaged

  • Ballad for Two

      I wake to your laughter; two wide smiles full of happiness. I wonder what I would do without them. If I never got to experience those two small bodies full of love. Completely unadulterated and gifted just for me. You two, who were woven from the traces of my soul. You two, who are…

  • fluctuations

      On nights like this, oh darling on nights like this, I would press my head across your chest, and listen to the quick beats of your heart. They’d come in steady thrums, powerful and echoing, and beating down on the floorboards that home my brain. I could count them, retrace the patterns like my…

  • kaleidoscope

      It’s a shame that you don’t love me like I love you. A misfortune for me, it is, more than it is for you. I’ve chopped up my hair. Went two shades of blue and green, one crimson and grey, light petals of pink to detach myself from you. I have become broken down…

  • love song- 1

      I’ve been thinking a lot on love that four letter word   so tranquil in its language so heavy on your tongue like chocolate covered rose petals   it seeps from that sky holds secrets of the universe   It tastes of mirth   love outpouring vitality into euphoria

  • Anathasia

      There were clumps of sunlight clogged into your bedsheets. I remember when I first laid there. Stars atop your ceiling, and your heady laughter flittering through the sheets, licking its way into my lungs. I thought, perhaps this could be athanasia. You had the poise; with your all-to-knowing eyes- Zeus’s irises. You sat perched…

  • la fille aux cheveux de lin

      The girl with the flaxen hair I will rave about you from dusk til dawn   Bronzed and blinding the suns rays itch to be splayed upon you   I have never seen that ball as luminous as it is until he spots you

  • Ode to Autumn

      These leaves come down as if it’s snowing out here   I watch as the wind kisses those branches makes those fronds frolic with the pavement   They make up a kaleidoscope of reds and oranges purples and yellows they ring stardust upon my cheeks   And when it rains here it showers heaven…