Tag: greek mythology

  • Apollo’s Lyre

    You come in sevens and tens leaving   me on fours, all accounted for and attuned  Hieroglyphic fingers, and that string   is a yolk stretching my limbs on crossbars  The space in between is my heaven  laurels and wreaths, and you, my god 

  • Honeycomb of Lies

        I crave perpetuity.    So much so, that I come to you  in the form of nectar; a jar of tenacity-  viscidity- long strips of flattery and dabbles of desire.  I offer you seduction mixed with a sting  that you return with disdain.   You loved those animated creatures,  the ones who fill me […]

  • The Frailty of Hades

        I had an affair with Mephistopheles. Serenaded him under willows that didn’t start weeping until we graced them. He had bits of fruit lodged into that ashen heart of his. Pearl shaped beads colored crimson inside that orb. It didn’t hurt me, not once, when I plucked those little buds full of incipience. […]

  • pomegranates and mint

      It is sap dripping from our lips.  Seeds and cypress trees-  no foot can touch this frazzled forest.  Even I, figure amongst the deities,  crumbled under these branches that   twist and curl something sinister   around the edges of your lips.   I wanted to taste that,  become of what you are created from,  emerge as you […]

  • susurrus

        I wonder if this is how Psyche felt when she dreamed up such a love cascading out of her arms trickling through her fingers wings the color of those honey laced arrows   You give me more than butterflies fill me up leave my knees shaking and stomach clenching I would become more […]

  • ensnared

        Sappho, you wrote it for her didn’t you? You couldn’t resist when those mahogany eyes landed on yours. They must’ve been the embodiment of the earth, matted soil, yet spring blossoms threaded onto her branches. She would sing her muses to you, put you up on a pedestal, shower you with her praises. […]

  • Collar of Thorns

        You beckon me with a curl of your lips the promise of irrevocable devotion but golden arrows clash with lead my love comes up unmatched   Little senile things make your tongue slick with cruelty a budded seed of sadism planted in the missiles you struck us with   I had not wanted […]

  • The Chase

    Wicked wings slosh springs placing seeds into blossoms my sun turns to hell

  • Medusa’s Cry

    Oed’ und leer das Meer     Peach shaped drops talk about my life in tragedies turning me into a catastrophe   You had multiple lovers yet you felt the need to devour me due to fair cheeks and pliant mounds   You warped deity, you wrote sins across my skin carved salt and water […]

  • Ulysses’ Benediction

      I gathered up wax for the others ears they were not to hear the song you sung for me   Bounded here on this post threads entwining my arms yet it was your song that captured me   I listened with rapt attention my mouth dry eyes ensured by the beauty of it all […]

  • The Edge of Elysian

        Medusa lives in these trees she sings of this breeze cries with those leaves   The branches pick and they preen form shells around soft carcasses marbled and pristine   Crackling vines across rooted cemeteries   She exists between earth and sky water and hell vividly unseen

  • Fragments of Polyxena

        you let that man control you   He burdened you with-   -you will never experience solitude

  • Anathasia

      There were clumps of sunlight clogged into your bedsheets. I remember when I first laid there. Stars atop your ceiling, and your heady laughter flittering through the sheets, licking its way into my lungs. I thought, perhaps this could be athanasia. You had the poise; with your all-to-knowing eyes- Zeus’s irises. You sat perched […]

  • Poseidon’s Chair

        I have been a prisoner   A hostage making up eighty eight estates   I am well aware of my state   How you’ve chained me to this empyrean made a mockery of my fate   You are a fickle god   I don’t know if I would even call you one my […]

  • House of The Sirens

      The sirens are calling they are ringing and screeching piling on noises as they claw away at my soul   I had not a day of peace they tormented me with beguiling chants lullabies meant to frazzle me   It sent me on a haywire I could not sleep without hearing them feeling them […]