Tag: possession

  • eris

    I am burdened by the thought of you, you with your four-letter word,  pinpricks under the skin. It is calamus and brine. No real  appeal to the endearment aside from the fact that you rip the soul apart- limb from limb. You are a fate worse than death. Holding  figures on red threads, the promise of that…

  • alveolus chains

  • bonds

    I’ve been dreaming of you again darling-  of your sharp blades, your   crass edges eating up my longevity.  How easy it always is succumbing to  that sliver of servility you gift me with.  Nobody makes me crave pain quite like you do.   

  • fevers

      Your body  Hurts me as the world hurts God. – Sylvia Plath   I’ve always loved a brute,  brute of a man like you With  your razor-sharp tongue,  crystals in your veins The hand  housing icicles, eager to  impale     

  • litho

      How was I supposed to know it wouldn’t have turned out like that- that you would never love me.   You took that fickle little piece of passion, and melded it into her. A fragment, she is. Nothing more than processed lithography.   But you loved that dirt and grime, ached for that flush…

  • ribbons

  • honey

    The only sweet he knows is saccharine, too cloying to be of honey but enough to satiate that bud of masochism low in her stomach. It works out for them that way, when they’re teetering on the edge. The grand finale; showing how careful he is by hitting hard enough until cream skin is stained…

  • temples

        they always come in twos  two devils keen on ruining me And   they are so sweet   So willing are those brutes  to drown me in beseech   make my body a temple for sin  licking crimson across my skin   

  • circles

      wednesday finds me easily enough  pitted between wanting and wanted  you used to be nearer   so much closer than you are now   it is a pity you’ve gone around  not much further than before  you never wait long  sometimes you wait too long  but we always end up back here    

  • numb

    Maybe it says a lot about me, wanting to constantly feel this bone satiating numbness. Oh, it’s so welcoming. It doesn’t tease me at all, barely even beckons me with words; I fall pliant by merely the thought of it.    

  • parasite

      One would think it was raining petals out here the way that dust transfigured the air   It reminded me of you- clear, white skies, parasitic- the only way I could describe   I would rather be blocked from all sight of you

  • letter-

    Perhaps it was the miles in-between us that took you away from me; Or perhaps it was just myself that pushed you away. I started seeing your face everywhere, it was so cruel darling. My lips would go numb just from the simple thought of you. This glass filled with two fingers of brown- I…

  • the moth & the flame

        You tasted like sunlight   Something warm a little dangerous like liquor coursing through your blood searing into your veins   I loved you that way hot and heady completely enthralled rays sticking to me like a moth to a flame   You eat me right up

  • consume

        This sadness eats away at me locks its fingers around my  throat and squeezes- tightens just so- you make it so hard to breathe

  • will it bloom this year?

        One dandelion, two growing from that root, root planted right at your foot   You receive three petals, four gobbling up stalks of stems- stem stalks shaped of hyacinth   I was four- fed foul leaflets Spoonfuls of blushing yellows, blazing lilacs   Consuming, it’s dissolving Seven shattered     Oed’ und leer…