You have a tongue made out of liquid gold Shrines built from your spine pillars formed by my two knees We are untouchable combined


The air is gold, dripping gold with petals full of suffocation.  It is the tendrils of sunflowers, the buds caked inside of centrioles, ashes piling up to form catalysts. Our aura is a wretched one

Apollo’s Lyre

You come in sevens and tens leaving   me on fours, all accounted for and attuned  Hieroglyphic fingers, and that string   is a yolk stretching my limbs on crossbars  The space in between is my heaven  laurels and wreaths, and you, my god 

capturing Venus

She only comes alive when spring is near.   When light drips Aurelian, the air looking of primrose. It makes one think of rolling waters, bronzed buds; dampened moonbeams sculpted on torsos, her planted mounds atop my flesh. She badgered me with peach-stricken kisses, claret curls of her tongue. Smothering me until I was blue and…


A slick and clean nick of the skin, horrified brown eyes.   She is hurting for you, but you relish in that red. Cold water sizzling on tormented flesh   A flap of dilapidated prints melded with iron. One quick stroke of the ragged metal was all it took   All it took for you…

rack and the screw

I, myself, forgot I even existed.  I have attached meaningless things to my name, filled my home   with unwanted trinkets, neglected memories. But I have not forgotten you.   Those sunken eyes. I’d have killed myself trying to see you again, in that sluiced town   which held nothing but murky waters. The name is one I’d become familiar…

the lover

It is unsightly the days you visit. Unwelcomed and perturbed, but invigorating it is. Your jealousy rearing its ugly head at my ephemeral bliss, your claws are never subtle. They are beautiful and ragged, jarring scratches on my heart. It is you dragging me by the roots of my hair, leaving my toes barely grazing…


I am burdened by the thought of you, you with your four-letter word,  pinpricks under the skin. It is calamus and brine. No real  appeal to the endearment aside from the fact that you rip the soul apart- limb from limb. You are a fate worse than death. Holding  figures on red threads, the promise of that…

alveolus chains

Remember who you are- what you were before they told you, you weren’t.    They dreamed you up, casted false entitlement upon you. And you- you oh so credulous bairn.  Wide-eyed, and trusting, actually believed those fiends.  


I’ve been dreaming of you again darling-  of your sharp blades, your   crass edges eating up my longevity.  How easy it always is succumbing to  that sliver of servility you gift me with.  Nobody makes me crave pain quite like you do.   

day births

    The prospect of time always teases me around this period of the year. Another age is becoming of me, it’s never exciting. There are bonds in these little numbers that hold our life together, a prisoner to these fates. Even when I was younger it never made me smile, why is that? Why…

to: You

  You’d have done it anyways. You only come back to me when the Tides fall flat, and when the Moon departs. You’re gone just as quickly as She resurfaces.    


The only sweet he knows is saccharine, too cloying to be of honey but enough to satiate that bud of masochism low in her stomach. It works out for them that way, when they're teetering on the edge. The grand finale; showing how careful he is by hitting hard enough until cream skin is stained…

the sin, the sin

Curiosity has always given me a strange fulfillment. There’s nothing particularly spontaneous about curiosity, isn’t that right? There’s just something about it that draws you near, like the flicker of a flame, the slide of a palm against slick skin. It entices you, makes your breathing heavy, it makes you want. It fills you up…


    I don’t write the way I used to, and maybe that’s the problem. All these words have suddenly been flowing in my mind and they’re gone before I can even get them written down. It happens at the most mundane times, times when my hands are not ready- washing dishes, taking the dog for a walk, cleaning the…