Tag: lust

  • Bemini, glistening

    She’s fierce in the way that she takes-   stoic face, with eyes like the reddened sun. Glossy and deep, leading to two trenches on her cheeks, that could swallow you whole if need be. Like it’s the only way you can breathe, like it’s the only way that you can see. Sea tides fall…

  • temples

        they always come in twos  two devils keen on ruining me And   they are so sweet   So willing are those brutes  to drown me in beseech   make my body a temple for sin  licking crimson across my skin   

  • crave

      Those strings are attached to my core When you pull and tug it just right- just right- like that– you leave my body singing darling

  • red, ripe lips

      Ripe ripe, red lips   The flush of blood that accompanies your skin a chambered globose perfectly bruised ripened for the picking   I only miss you when I see you like this   With fibers creasing into your folds lips slack with nothing to show but red ravenous servility  

  • melted embrace

      You look pretty when you’re melting away limbs shaking, bark twisted in saliva dripping down like icicles three petals and four thick pillars caging me in you are my prison my haven lips locked, flurried kisses spread upon my breast Down below my chest until I am molten, hazardous lava you leave me as…

  • Fly

        When you rub your hands along my side- touch me there baby   Sometimes I feel like I want you to split me open   Lay me atop those sheets they’re smothered in your sweat it’s so soft and succulent it makes me hot darling   Leaves me with fevers licks a white…

  •     Alas.. the moment is just as suggestive as such your eyes alight in their quest I trace pinwheels against your surface connecting those dots you call macula down onto your bosom chest heaving up in delight you placed a solemn kiss along on my skin and I knew I was yours

  • avidity

      Curiosity- curiosity is a cynical sin rapacious desire you are greedy and foul and I will continue to drink of you

  • Horned Deity

      I picture you with wicked horns lush green vines wrapped around tethered petals just begging to be picked and prodded on   With your rugged claws desperate voice bared deep into these trees I would mingle with you like the breeze does the leaves

  • serendipities

      I can still picture the way those eyes ran through me, penetrating my soul. The warmth of his hand searing onto my cheek. I never felt more alive than in that spare moment. A flash of serendipity that casted me into nirvana for a split second; the only thing cocooning me in was that…

  • swelter-

      There’s a heat thats been under my skin- a force greater than gravity. It nitpicks at my nerves, sidles fervor upon every strand of my atom. Here is a taste, are you looking for that drive? It will kiss you insane, twist you up like flames licking the wind. It was torturous for me,…

  • Red Silhouettes

      The taste of you is in my mouth right now heady and red crimson trickled words that spell out the sin of lust across the air   I can picture you later with rose colored cheeks flaming white spread in blush tones on bedspreads setting fire across steeped pastures   My tongue curls at…

  • as-is

        Darling you propped my mouth open and fed me spoonfuls of saccharine lies   My throat would close up around your deceit but I would have loved to see that spark once more   Those obsidian eyes glowing red alight in your path for destruction   Full blown twisted seduction you had made…

  • The Entanglement of Aphrodite & Ares

        Our bodies flow against the bay, the moonlight reflecting the memoirs of our past. Our secret country that led us to far off destinations – destinations of no other world – shared hearts poured into each other.   Peeling back layer upon layer, I unravel what’s underneath.   I never tried to be…

  • Emerald in Color

          Things never went smoothly   That stabbing in my chest couldn’t go away darling not at any cost   Every single time   I closed my eyes I still saw those olive ones could pinpoint every single speckle beige or chartreuse   Those irises flickered as much as your blues   I…