Tag: eloa and lucifer

  • The Frailty of Hades

        I had an affair with Mephistopheles. Serenaded him under willows that didn’t start weeping until we graced them. He had bits of fruit lodged into that ashen heart of his. Pearl shaped beads colored crimson inside that orb. It didn’t hurt me, not once, when I plucked those little buds full of incipience. […]

  • Éloa

    There’s beauty in the things untold; the things that you fear, can’t see.  Those minuscule possessions that one might find mundane, but you look at it as if it’s a temple. Housing pictures of burnished eyes, a mahogany casing that holds a cocoon of idolatry. That taste of piety something only the gods sing of, but it […]

  • painting verses

          I am thinking of you as I type these little words out, sculpting them finely in order to perfectly grasp your essence. With your sun kissed skin and wicked eyes, devilish smile; two tiny flicks to peel layers off of my wings. That white was too haggard for me anyways- it doesn’t […]

  • lilith, you’re Éloa

      You plucked one of my roses pierced each freckle of mine until your thorns embedded my skin   Didn’t I have this same dream? This same dream darling, that you had come back- come back to me   Kissed me quite insane until I’m flushing; coming, going, and yearning for spiders twinged with lilies […]

  • spice

      You are dangerous –   yet here you are sharp tongue and soft eyes you could put Satan to shame

  • Horned Deity

      I picture you with wicked horns lush green vines wrapped around tethered petals just begging to be picked and prodded on   With your rugged claws desperate voice bared deep into these trees I would mingle with you like the breeze does the leaves

  • Barb-Wired Oracle

        Don’t speak   You would have thought he had barbed wire in his words- metallic lead in his throat. He could mutter words in a way to curse you, absolutely break you darling.   You’re always speaking Your words shoot venom Keep them to yourself-   Be a good girl You were so […]

  • The Rise of Éloa

        I could have loved you through hell when that high water sprayed you crimson and black   an open canvas for your panegyrical eyes fiendish smile   Those hands turned me delirious into something wicked a wretched string of malus tied flush around your body   I could make you crave that sin

  • Requiem For A Sinner

        I’ve missed you coming into my dreams like this   That silver tongue of yours could cut me like a summoning   Strip me down until I’m reveling on wicked knees   My sobs of worship a benison for your praise

  • Whimsical Dreams

        I had a dream once.   One that consisted of butterflies swarming around a chain of daisies. There were lilacs and daffodils blooming high in a field that danced with the summer wind. Their petals laughed at the sun, seeming to cry out for its warmth, for their growth.   It was a […]

  • The Inferno

        There is something to be said about fear there is excitement there A burning flame that settles low in your veins it aches in your belly Makes you want to reach out and touch that burning ember   That inferno   Those amber eyes and that obsidian hair beckons you like the rogue […]

  • The Downfall

    I know that I am falling falling falling and even as I am falling with twisted limbs and sharpened claws Rose petal lips that prickle my skin I am reminded of my inducement that comes to me in pairs How those alabaster wings now turn obsidian In the end I may very well be dragged […]