problems- ready

  I could have loved you But you- you felt the need to erase me. You made it so I never even existed and So I never even existed. All it took was a little neglect; A spill from your lips, was all it took for me to be scraped out. I hated you soon…


Maybe it says a lot about me, wanting to constantly feel this bone satiating numbness. Oh, it’s so welcoming. It doesn’t tease me at all, barely even beckons me with words; I fall pliant by merely the thought of it.    


    Dandelion petals close up around me suffocating and brutal bright yellow bruises beating down on these surfaces   You come back alive when the sun comes out but I’m already splintered captured in your golden prison


  My colors have been fading.   I watch as that cerulean and apricot melt away, crimson brings way for obsidian, yellow strikes forth toward my horizon; I don’t foresee its victory.   No, the only thing I can see is my demise.


    There’s a thin line crossing from my space to yours Mocking- brooding- and so daunting that squiggle is It does nothing but mock us    

witching hour

    You’re as cold as the stone wall you built around me, a thin layer of ice shielding that witching hour. The silence becomes of you. It is unbecoming. In these minutes and minute little seconds, it gives me nothing but time to think. There are cicadas here; they scream when night breaks, but…


    You take nibbles of my scars scratching layers of my heart until you reach down down down to the depths of me plucking my roots and birthing more flaws

broken bridges

Father you are laughing right now, aren’t you? I always held you up on a pedestal even when you had me at my lowest. How stupid I was. That love made me feel numb, wrapped dull hands around my throat. All I had wanted was you.


  Its been a while since we’ve been here. I thought if I gave you time, then maybe you would have come back to me, but instead you never came. Now it feels as if I’m less than what I was. There were never two halves that made us whole,   rather you beat away…


    A shell has blanketed itself around me covered the color of the ravens feathers You leave me vacant