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  • making a mess of me

    It was born blood red in the shape of a placenta that never took form,   but carefully cultivated, it was, for the exclusive purpose of becoming a vessel.   Pearl shaped and white, an incubator. It was warm, it was soddened.  You wanted a thing with no value? We’ll give it to you in tenfold. We’ll…

  • sunshine state

    I keep telling myself- don’t think don’t think because if I do, I start remembering the shape of her face, how she laughed. I could hear her smile through the receiver of my phone. The color of her hair like crushed pomegranates; she would ask me- should I go back to this hue? I couldn’t…

  • capturing Venus

    She only comes alive when spring is near.   When light drips Aurelian, the air looking of primrose. It makes one think of rolling waters, bronzed buds; dampened moonbeams sculpted on torsos, her planted mounds atop my flesh. She badgered me with peach-stricken kisses, claret curls of her tongue. Smothering me until I was blue and…

  • Bemini, glistening

    She’s fierce in the way that she takes-   stoic face, with eyes like the reddened sun. Glossy and deep, leading to two trenches on her cheeks, that could swallow you whole if need be. Like it’s the only way you can breathe, like it’s the only way that you can see. Sea tides fall…

  • to: You

      You’d have done it anyways. You only come back to me when the Tides fall flat, and when the Moon departs. You’re gone just as quickly as She resurfaces.    

  • ribbons

  • rewritten

        Peach rises along that frame dewey drops speckled on your skin I’ve written such verses hundreds of times yet the words still do not- Why don’t they come out right

  • 01:02

        Two syllables the same meaning- just as simple as any other word   But why doesn’t it sound the same coming from her lips

  • susurrus

        I wonder if this is how Psyche felt when she dreamed up such a love cascading out of her arms trickling through her fingers wings the color of those honey laced arrows   You give me more than butterflies fill me up leave my knees shaking and stomach clenching I would become more…

  • her

      Do you still have the letters I gave you? I put mine away. Threw those words into the crevice of my mind- hoping just wishing- I could forget about you. I saw you in every part of him. Is that what you want me to say? He had eyes like you yet yours were…

  • red, ripe lips

      Ripe ripe, red lips   The flush of blood that accompanies your skin a chambered globose perfectly bruised ripened for the picking   I only miss you when I see you like this   With fibers creasing into your folds lips slack with nothing to show but red ravenous servility  

  • septenary

      She badgered me with peach stricken kisses crimson curls of her tongue   Smothering me until I was blue and weeping and writhing with lilac freckles blotching my skin   Seven to be exact   Seven hours until she strikes cardinal sins She counts down using me as the bomb

  • avidity

      Curiosity- curiosity is a cynical sin rapacious desire you are greedy and foul and I will continue to drink of you

  • Roses Dipped in Desire

      There was something in the air that day, like roses tinged with hunger. Pretty red petals the color of her lips when she walked up to me and uttered her name. I hadn’t heard a thing, only sensed that quiet calm air around her and the shape of her name echoing off of those…

  • Words of Praise

      Wet rain turns into pain as the sound on my pane commences and intertwines with my pain my heart sore from the silent screams that fall   My bed wet with dew I wake up and find you gone once again- the rain washes away and I become anew   For wonders happen when…