Tag: Father

  • rack and the screw

    I, myself, forgot I even existed.  I have attached meaningless things to my name, filled my home   with unwanted trinkets, neglected memories. But I have not forgotten you.   Those sunken eyes. I’d have killed myself trying to see you again, in that sluiced town   which held nothing but murky waters. The name is one I’d become familiar […]

  • broken bridges

    Father you are laughing right now, aren’t you? I always held you up on a pedestal even when you had me at my lowest. How stupid I was. That love made me feel numb, wrapped dull hands around my throat. All I had wanted was you.

  • Like Smoke

      How funny it is that you expect more of my time now   Not when I was a child pleading constantly  staring out the window waiting to see your silhouette    The time comes when I stare back at smiling blue eyes  dimples flashing    I have borne  children of my own now   […]

  • Nullified Hearts

        I once shared a room next to you two   In that quaint little house that shared my hopes and dreams It held a younger and delighted me   I was so inexperienced but I believed true love existed   I was free floating on a cloud painted by imaginary love and fulfillment […]

  • Hyakinthos’ Cry

    ‘Oed’ und leer das Meer’     You gave me hyacinths from your garden   Crude little buds that were as green as those lies lies lies that ricocheted out of your mouth and into my throat I had become nauseated because of those incipient little blossoms   I imagined a prickled case around those […]