Tag: earth tones

  • capturing Venus

    She only comes alive when spring is near.   When light drips Aurelian, the air looking of primrose. It makes one think of rolling waters, bronzed buds; dampened moonbeams sculpted on torsos, her planted mounds atop my flesh. She badgered me with peach-stricken kisses, claret curls of her tongue. Smothering me until I was blue and…

  • two cycles of Hades

    You wither under these blue skies, as if anything more coruscating than that black beacon of death will hurt you. I admire you because of it; how your coating seems infinitely polished when icicles are writhing, waiting to impale your flesh. That sweet kiss of rime nestling in your roots, halting crimson orbs in their…

  • vanishing acts

        They say the rain will stop soon.  I imagine this ground swallowed up  by sunlight, and I become infinitely  jealous. I am but a speck of dust in  this lowly world, vanishing with rain,  thwarting back down to nothing.  I live for you like the sun lives for the moon.    

  • pomegranates and mint

      It is sap dripping from our lips.  Seeds and cypress trees-  no foot can touch this frazzled forest.  Even I, figure amongst the deities,  crumbled under these branches that   twist and curl something sinister   around the edges of your lips.   I wanted to taste that,  become of what you are created from,  emerge as you…

  • Achernars’ River Ends

      tides fall flat one month southern skies on the mares’ trail the stars end with you  

  • Éloa

    There’s beauty in the things untold; the things that you fear, can’t see.  Those minuscule possessions that one might find mundane, but you look at it as if it’s a temple. Housing pictures of burnished eyes, a mahogany casing that holds a cocoon of idolatry. That taste of piety something only the gods sing of, but it…

  • picking petals

        I was in the heavens trying to watch you Milky waves altered my vision If I pressed hard enough I just might, darling maybe I could touch you, taste you I feel you on the tip of my tongue already I swear when I get like this it’s like your body is singing…

  • 125

                 I find that flowers under a cloudy sky are absolutely beautiful; enthralling really. The colors clash together, grey skies, dazzling blossoms, the pungent smell of nectar and rain. It calms my soul, calms me in a way that maybe it shouldn’t, but the stark juxtaposition rattles me. It shakes…

  • obsidian

      The skies were just as grey as ever out here   It made me feel alive it brought music into my veins hard and thrumming I felt like I could be pulsating   What is it about this darkness- this darkness pulls me in   It welcomes me and I welcome it with the…

  • petals

    I always found there was something absolutely beautiful about raindrops on flowers. How they look dolloped on the petals, a drink for them. These pictures are taken one minute apart, a feat I didn’t realize until now. It only took me 4 days to notice. As I was walking from my mailbox back to my…

  • stealing petals

      That green swallows up those blossoms heavy lidded and full of intention There wasn’t even enough time for me to miss them- the way you came and ate away at those petals

  • drops of yellow

        Yellow dazes me out in star studded fields; the suns flowers tickling my skin. I laugh with you while you pluck sweet petals for me, large and small. Setting leaflets atop my skin. I have never felt so free.

  • thorns

        You are cascading off of a flowers husk branded and beautiful you are yet blinded, blinding, your roots binding me against petals until I am suffocating drowning in a sea of daisies      

  • reversing lies

        They say we’ll have snow tomorrow, it is unlikely. The trees have been saying spring is coming, is what I thought, but then I looked outside and there you were. Those flakes covered the earth, and I never felt so pure.

  • lilith, you’re Éloa

      You plucked one of my roses pierced each freckle of mine until your thorns embedded my skin   Didn’t I have this same dream? This same dream darling, that you had come back- come back to me   Kissed me quite insane until I’m flushing; coming, going, and yearning for spiders twinged with lilies…