Tag: you

  • continuum

    I have made a fool of myself. I have whispered things that make the gods blush, I have recounted the memories on your skin, only for them to become mine. I have traced palms, and lips, and tongue, and have spoken forbidden words.  Fingers latched, and legs wrapped, head dizzy.  I have become imbued with…

  • alveolus chains

  • parasite

      One would think it was raining petals out here the way that dust transfigured the air   It reminded me of you- clear, white skies, parasitic- the only way I could describe   I would rather be blocked from all sight of you

  • picking petals

        I was in the heavens trying to watch you Milky waves altered my vision If I pressed hard enough I just might, darling maybe I could touch you, taste you I feel you on the tip of my tongue already I swear when I get like this it’s like your body is singing…

  • doves

        I touch only where you tell me to.   You told me to feel the vines running along this rock Like the veins skimming your skin   You told me once- My sparrows can’t look away from you, mirrors do nothing but show your face. Tell me darling, are you having this problem?…

  • the moth & the flame

        You tasted like sunlight   Something warm a little dangerous like liquor coursing through your blood searing into your veins   I loved you that way hot and heady completely enthralled rays sticking to me like a moth to a flame   You eat me right up

  • thorns

        You are cascading off of a flowers husk branded and beautiful you are yet blinded, blinding, your roots binding me against petals until I am suffocating drowning in a sea of daisies      

  • consume

        White hot ash blinds me rendering my soul enslaving me to this earth

  • The Muses Path

        You’re an endless painting you’re not just ordinary artwork you travel on for miles and miles scraping sediments off the earth burning moonlight in your wake carving up a muses path narrowed by bits of your laugh just for you- this terrain we made just for you

  • crave

      Those strings are attached to my core When you pull and tug it just right- just right- like that– you leave my body singing darling

  • flowering

        You take nibbles of my scars scratching layers of my heart until you reach down down down to the depths of me plucking my roots and birthing more flaws

  • to efface

        I have to fix my face while talking to you spew endearments that leave bile rising in the back of my throat   I’d much rather effacement

  • 01:02

        Two syllables the same meaning- just as simple as any other word   But why doesn’t it sound the same coming from her lips

  • petals

      I kissed you last night So cruel the world is to me that it shall have your lips on mine Only in my dreams

  • Mine.

      You know that feeling it feels like you’re walking on air   I would move stars if only you asked-   sweep sunlight right into thin air create ballads defying Chronos   I already know I’ve lost once I send you this song