to: You

  You’d have done it anyways. You only come back to me when the Tides fall flat, and when the Moon departs. You’re gone just as quickly as She resurfaces.    

vanishing acts

    They say the rain will stop soon.  I imagine this ground swallowed up  by sunlight, and I become infinitely  jealous. I am but a speck of dust in  this lowly world, vanishing with rain,  thwarting back down to nothing.  I live for you like the sun lives for the moon.    

measuring space

  There are stars that connect us they drive us down this pathway mark us with light speckles and passages unreachable   They are open to us these secrets are only ours to know we are the only keepers here


  There’s a stillness in the air that only comes when nightfall descends   All the birds are burrowed in their nests wind whistling rustling their feathers   Soft waves of snores hit your ears   And when the rain hits cars flitter by cracking asphalt beneath the tires like pellets of the ocean  …


  I’m picking sticking on pine needles   laying on evergreen leaves while the sun the sun sings to me   he trifles with me makes it so I won’t ever leave   he brings vitality breathes constant particles of life into me   and I’m growing flowing becoming rays

Nights Like This

    I often looked to the moon for answers   I would cry for her sing to her fall in love with her much like that luminous sphere did   She would comfort me on nights like this when she was sitting low and my hopes were high   Those craters would spell out…

Nocturne for the Moon

    I was in tune with the lilac moon   Oh how brightly she shone for me   Rippled puddles of plum blossoms, she did lavender riddles of cobblestone trickled twinkles of fixed dust   And if I had been lovely on such a night   She would let me serenade to her

Witching Hour

    I always wake up at that witching hour   How lonely oh so forlorn eventide is now   My nightmares come to me just like those hands   One greets me satiating my solitary the other one runs away much like you did

Blue Mold

    This city is beautiful at night with the light of the moon bustling down below on you   Yet being so close to the clouds one can’t feel any of it   The people are so small taking their bags in tenfold like little ants are those specs of dust   The nightlights…

Endymion’s Fate

My fingers were beaten grey and gold the same color of my bruises that you would prod at   You would feed them to me with spoonfuls of honeyed phrases they stung like a bee   I would get caught up in it My throat would stick closed   Eyes faintly drooped as if you…