swimming in bottles

    I find myself swimming in bottles often. Shots of amber, glass waters clear as raindrops- they’re not as sweet. I like when you’re bitter, when you are hard to swallow. Makes it feel as if you grab my throat and don’t let go. You love to hurt me and that’s why I love…

too far, you’re too far away

    I was never good at math but I’ve calculated each and every second every minute that added up the further that you were away from me   Do you count those hours hidden between us?   You said it was six but it feels like eight it feels like days I wonder if…


  You are not looking for me you keep me on just a tight enough leash to tug on it if you so please

broken conversations

    Your call wasn’t anywhere near a sirens it was pleading desperate   It’s not time yet   I tell you- you won’t listen   It’s drawing nearer

melting calamus

    These hands are tethered rope fastened feathers of yours smiling down on me   You reach for my eyes crooked teeth a freckle placed upon my lips   Counting, counting our life is measured by seconds, seven petals dropping   Which one will be our last


  Is it possible- darling is it possible for this thread to disappear? How is it that this crimson burns obsidian, tearing hatred into our hearts. We are already miles apart. There is nothing left that could happen, yet why is it, we are straying further away from each other. I feel as if I’m…

bared luck

    You couldn't have taken my love not since it was given to you so you chose to strip me down instead   You started with my eyes scratching them raw plucking skin between deft fingers   My lips were next down the line of my nose a Cupid’s bow that made Eros hurl…


    Violin strings must have been embedded into your bones darling he could fine tune you better than any musician strip you down until nothing but raw strings were left just dust and termites leftover in your body

dangerous accomplices

    It was thick passion blanketed over me and suffocating drowning- your hands smothering me with twisted words your lips strangling mine I tasted Hades on your tongue tendrils red like those eyes eyesEyes what a shame you should come to me when I need you the most

melted embrace

  You look pretty when you’re melting away limbs shaking, bark twisted in saliva dripping down like icicles three petals and four thick pillars caging me in you are my prison my haven lips locked, flurried kisses spread upon my breast Down below my chest until I am molten, hazardous lava you leave me as…


    I know not why you cloud my mind. You are an inconvenience. You hurt me. You greet me with hollowed eyes and crimson words- I almost thought you had lead on your tongue. Soot drips from your lips, charcoal and broken, gagging me wide open like a serpents mouth. You had not wanted…


    It’s maddening the lengths I put away to give to you I gave you my soul   I ripped out bits of my heart just to get it lodged into yours but you ignored it   You ate those inklings of mass like it wasn’t anything to you


    I was in denial of the fact that I wanted you I wanted you so badly   I could vividly picture the format of your lips making out my name   The shape every creasing and padding of your fingertips   Almost as if I created you myself almost as if you created…


    When you rub your hands along my side- touch me there baby   Sometimes I feel like I want you to split me open   Lay me atop those sheets they’re smothered in your sweat it’s so soft and succulent it makes me hot darling   Leaves me with fevers licks a white…