Tag: Demons

  • temples

        they always come in twos  two devils keen on ruining me And   they are so sweet   So willing are those brutes  to drown me in beseech   make my body a temple for sin  licking crimson across my skin   

  • touching galaxies- unformidable

      The cylinders ring severing limbs as their calling plagues of diseases   —a short walk to the other side   only a handful of leaded tubes keeping you grounded

  • stripped

        I know not why you cloud my mind. You are an inconvenience. You hurt me. You greet me with hollowed eyes and crimson words- I almost thought you had lead on your tongue. Soot drips from your lips, charcoal and broken, gagging me wide open like a serpents mouth. You had not wanted…

  • savior

        I had a cry with the devil once his laughter resounded in my ears shrill screams of excitement at seeing my pity   I talked with him oh why your ears were closed I do not know   But he made farce antics out of my anguish talons threaded in my essence holding…

  • wretched sweetheart

      You are a danger to me you welcome me with warning shots   Blood curdling screams echo inside of plastered walls with broken palates on concave canvases   You are a threat to me with your pin shaped eyes and blighted tongue   I would smite that tongue

  • Paralysis

      They are under your bed knowing that schedule better than you do   But you are not afraid   Those demons take one look at you and they cower   But he himself wouldn’t know that you are terrified   There were daggers in your eyes   Little tiny poniards that would sluice those…