Red stains me all those vivid hues clashing against my skin happy trails bent on euphoria I miss you yearn for the rush again long for nothing

isadora’s scarf

    Sometimes I just feel very useless. There’s no real solution to my problem, it’s something that constantly keeps me awake at night. It makes my stomach tense, sickens me, squeezing the life out that I barely even want to live. It’s a dangerous feeling, makes me hate myself and all that I’ve become.…


    That sleek metal calls to me bladed edge cool to the touch I miss those embers you gifted me with

swimming in bottles

    I find myself swimming in bottles often. Shots of amber, glass waters clear as raindrops- they’re not as sweet. I like when you’re bitter, when you are hard to swallow. Makes it feel as if you grab my throat and don’t let go. You love to hurt me and that’s why I love…


  Its been a while since we’ve been here. I thought if I gave you time, then maybe you would have come back to me, but instead you never came. Now it feels as if I’m less than what I was. There were never two halves that made us whole,   rather you beat away…

hollowed words

You don’t feel right in my grasp. The weight of your words mean nothing to me, letters spilling out- nothing short of emptiness. There is a hollow ground inside of you. One that cages me in, and you make me feel so cold. I’ve never felt so alone


I have fooled myself into thinking that I need you   It’s simple on nights like these with warmth seeping under my windowpane my days full of bitterness   How easy it is for you to blame your insufficiency on me

swinging slow, pendulum

    It’s all a little bit too much- even just thinking about it chokes me up. The thought causing me to suffocate. I hardly know what I’m doing- swinging left and right; a lifeless cradle. The weight of this lever sinks heavy into my gut. Pushing one sphere too far out, frazzled jabs, striking a force…

three days

    That crow is coming it squawks so loud that beacon of death I know you are here for me   I can tell in the way black clouds follow you Chasing plagues I would have rather had the darkness   I would have rather felt nothing be nothing


    I often think of my inspirations, or my lack thereof, and I wonder why I keep coming back to this place. You are no longer a safe haven for me, you remind me of things they have forgotten about, you keep me trapped. I have been confined by these lines for more than…

I Fancied You’d Return….

    I thought- maybe if I don’t talk to you, then I won’t remember you.  The silence told me to erase you, burn you, throw out  every item I’ve owned that could remind me of you.  But all it did was make me think of you more.  I told myself- don’t go there, don’t…


I have not a thought, not a trace of anything on my mind. I feel as if I could form a trickle of cobweb, just a speckle of powder, land dust on my nerve endings to spark some kind of beginning. It would feel lovely. I’d imagine it would be breathtaking, if I could put…