Tag: time

  • chasing spaces

      I still count those hours as if time is running away from me    

  • seething, blooming

        I have my time changed to yours what good does that do for me while I’m running backwards- counting on your minutes

  • Mine.

      You know that feeling it feels like you’re walking on air   I would move stars if only you asked-   sweep sunlight right into thin air create ballads defying Chronos   I already know I’ve lost once I send you this song

  • days eyes

          It’s late over there, are you sleeping? I keep looking- darling I keep searching for you everywhere. Hours have passed yet I am wide awake. The only time I know you’re real is when sleep starts catching up to me; that’s when I feel you. I can sense your movement; white petals…

  • stale

        How amusing it is that time passes by in the most peculiar way I noticed it in the flick of a lighter lines mar my skin a year has aged me It’s unbecoming measuring out my life with those ticks I have become a slave for them

  • chronos, give away your time

        Dear December, all somber in your tone. I will miss you, miss the feeling of you holding me back; it was only a quest you could attain. I will miss you and those smothered marks you left over me. Bruised after three hundred sixty four days, fickle hours, I was built on swallowing minutes.…

  • rewind

        I hope you’re still reading this these mundane little messages I send out each and every one of them are for you no matter how hard I try   I find I can’t do anything to erase you and it’s terrible really it’s so tragic thinking of you in all the seconds of…

  • emptied hourglasses

      What was it that changed? Did they give you something that I couldn’t have aside from peace of mind all this love I had left to give I think the problem was that we had too much time and not enough time to do anything

  • burning supernovas

      I see you’re being social now I waited for what seemed like eons until you finally showed up again it wasn’t like how we met last time with those two thousand and something forgotten hours misplaced minutes until it cut us down We were only talking just to talk just to feel some semblance…

  • five

    It has been years, darling it has been lustrum. I have watched you- brittle and weak- an attachment to this life that I so often loathed. You have been drudged up from muck; on the verge of fatality. Yet there was a spark in you. An energy that was tied to this earth, and sweetheart…

  • fluctuations

      On nights like this, oh darling on nights like this, I would press my head across your chest, and listen to the quick beats of your heart. They’d come in steady thrums, powerful and echoing, and beating down on the floorboards that home my brain. I could count them, retrace the patterns like my…

  • docility

        I have chaos and bliss   I am a whirlwind a shell   I am controlled by time but I am timeless   Yet these shackles that are free on me make me crave obedience

  • debacle times

      What time is it where you are?   Are you finding these days just as gruesome as I have?   Or are you welcoming them?   Do you welcome them as one would do a longtime lover?   Do you stare at that simmering sun or brooding moon and think up calamities?   I…

  • Taking Time

          I find that I have a lot more on my mind than poetry these days, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just what I’ve gotten used to writing. I just want to take this moment out to say that you’re doing good. I don’t know if you’ve heard it recently,…

  • Ode to Chronos

        it was amusing oh so clever   how time always advanced around him   but left me comfortless   so destitute