I have made a fool of myself.

I have whispered things that make the gods blush,

I have recounted the memories on your skin,

only for them to become mine.

I have traced palms, and lips, and tongue,

and have spoken forbidden words. 

Fingers latched, and legs wrapped, head dizzy. 

I have become imbued with the thought of you.

From the crease of your eyes, to the shape 

of your smile, that whimsical laugh. 

You have ensnared me,

made it so I do not think of another. 

You have a leash and I am the collar, I am on hands and knees, 

and you are unbeknownst of my prayers. 

You have laughed and tormented,

demented warps of your brain that wires the nerves of my own body. 

You spit devoted lies that I hang onto,

like a peasant worshiping their god. 

I have laid myself bare for you.






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