My dear,

I’ve warned you about flying too high, but you never listen to me, much too enamored with my rays. They will burn you. They will be your demise someday.

This matter eats me alive, out here where there’s no air. When I look to you, see the wax that’s covering your wings, melting you alive- I feel myself suffocating.

He constructed those just for you.

Feathers so light, but they leave you soaring.

I have come to love you.

The words linger on my tongue, falling falling with you. I crash and burn right along with those wings, feel myself drowning right along with your love.

I will never love another.

I vowed to myself that day, for that is why I run from the moon, I run with you. I live on. Waiting for that day those wings return, until you return. My love, Icarus my dear, I bare your tendrils now.

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