Words of Praise

Wet rain turns into pain

as the sound on my pane

commences and intertwines

with my pain

my heart sore from the

silent screams that fall


My bed wet with dew

I wake up and find you gone

once again-

the rain washes away

and I become anew


For wonders happen

when you’re dreaming

My darling, your heartbeat

stops and your sorrows appear


This took me years

and it shall take longer

to understand when I perish;

Sweet death is the meaning

of my heaven


It’s a tragic thing

words that no one should

ever mean

but her heart has stopped beating

it has been put to rest


Her lungs,

which were once breathing

life into her chest

has vanished


She woke to the sight her eyes

had spoken

and her ears

had seen

and she cried out with praise


For what the lord had given her

she received in tenfold






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