Tag: Hades and Persephone

  • two cycles of Hades

    You wither under these blue skies, as if anything more coruscating than that black beacon of death will hurt you. I admire you because of it; how your coating seems infinitely polished when icicles are writhing, waiting to impale your flesh. That sweet kiss of rime nestling in your roots, halting crimson orbs in their […]

  • The Frailty of Hades

        I had an affair with Mephistopheles. Serenaded him under willows that didn’t start weeping until we graced them. He had bits of fruit lodged into that ashen heart of his. Pearl shaped beads colored crimson inside that orb. It didn’t hurt me, not once, when I plucked those little buds full of incipience. […]

  • pomegranates and mint

      It is sap dripping from our lips.  Seeds and cypress trees-  no foot can touch this frazzled forest.  Even I, figure amongst the deities,  crumbled under these branches that   twist and curl something sinister   around the edges of your lips.   I wanted to taste that,  become of what you are created from,  emerge as you […]

  • The Chase

    Wicked wings slosh springs placing seeds into blossoms my sun turns to hell

  • whirlpool

      It’s funny isn’t it? The fire burning in our eyes, people’s eyes, and then at once that flame could go away. I once breathed in the fresh air that flowed through my hair, took in the smell of the deep aroma. Your shadow casting its own spell upon me. It reminded me of calla […]

  • Lovers Requiem

      These words are what we hold onto what we long for   We think if we say them enough hear them often then we would be filled immensely   But there’s hate in that four little word   Malice and jealousy it’s what makes you crave to hear it, darling   It’s like calling […]

  • Requiem of Mephistopheles

      I fear that the darkness might swallow me whole one day   I watch those shadows gather in my room transpiring against that resplendent sheen I once held   They glow with such an intensity   Those demons have embers in their eyes sun rays in their talons goldmine incisors   And I’m terrified […]

  • An Ode to Hades

    “Tell them that you weren’t hungry, tell them you followed the pomegranates seeds because they tasted like blood, like love.” -Pauline Albanese     You had the taste of lust written across your lips it was there etched into your eyes   Pomegranate shaped orbs that made me crave to pick that seed up and […]