I always found there was something absolutely beautiful about raindrops on flowers. How they look dolloped on the petals, a drink for them. These pictures are taken one minute apart, a feat I didn’t realize until now. It only took me 4 days to notice. As I was walking from my mailbox back to my home it felt like it took hours, the dog had to stop and stare at every little thing, it’s not like I could blame him, it was stunning last week. The clouds hovered above us, sending showers, although never lightening, unfortunately. I wish you could have seen the yellow blossom tree that was once gracing the backyard, they have fallen now, fallen to the ground. It felt as if my heart went right along with them. Faint yellow now turned to green, the colors are all turning to green now. Soon all of these petals will be swallowed up, but until then, I’ll keep showing them to you.





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