The Entanglement of Aphrodite & Ares



Our bodies flow against the bay, the moonlight reflecting the memoirs of our past. Our secret country that led us to far off destinations – destinations of no other world – shared hearts poured into each other.


Peeling back layer upon layer, I unravel what’s underneath.


I never tried to be amorous, darling, though it was wrong of us to be at this stage; this stage that we’re poised upon now.


What were we to do?


Entangled by invisible nets, and ridiculed in front of my beings. Well so be it, I have not yet to challenge any other to my love, but even still, even knowing this; you veer off into another’s allurement.


You always had that appetite in you, I could see it in your eyes. That glistened look that got me every time, oh how you melt my soul into nothing. Leave it to ashes, putty in your hands, a moth to the flame.


Your aroma filled the air and I didn’t have enough time to catch my breath. Dancing around like daises in the wind, giggling at people thinking the sweet fragrance was the flowers.


How easily you always stole me away. It’s like it was a game to you.


But it was a game, an antic technique you always used – that frivolous spirit that came out in you; it made everything around me mean naught if you were to be forgotten.


Though things are destitute when you’re astray, I long for the days that you are mine once more.





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