Tag: poseidon

  • Demeter’s Skies

    It has stopped raining, but around us there’s thunderstorms and hail, and you- you are the holder of it all. You slip your lips against my own, dominating skies, controlling winds like you have strings attached to them. When we break away it’s with reluctance. A sliver of the sun showing through obsidian clouds, and…

  • Medusa’s Cry

    Oed’ und leer das Meer     Peach shaped drops talk about my life in tragedies turning me into a catastrophe   You had multiple lovers yet you felt the need to devour me due to fair cheeks and pliant mounds   You warped deity, you wrote sins across my skin carved salt and water…

  • Poseidon’s Chair

        I have been a prisoner   A hostage making up eighty eight estates   I am well aware of my state   How you’ve chained me to this empyrean made a mockery of my fate   You are a fickle god   I don’t know if I would even call you one my…

  • Dégringolade Brines

          This vast brine reaches out and calls to me   Those same waters that took you away they still fall from my eyes   It rumbles tumbles storms just like this heart of mine   It spills scatters seven tears enough for each sea   Ever since you left me

  • Morose Trident

    The miles that follow through behind us drown me every part of me Poseidon once came down saying that my tears were too much maybe for him Athena was too