The Inferno




There is something to be said about fear

there is excitement there

A burning flame that settles low in your veins

it aches in your belly

Makes you want to reach out and touch that burning ember


That inferno


Those amber eyes and that obsidian hair

beckons you like the rogue he is


I had once thought I saw the Devil

I dreamt of him in that lowly hell, surrounded by

those creatures who yearned for him


I tried to call out for him

wanted to reach and tug and pull him away

I had wanted to save him


An angel wanting to save the Devil was fickle

it wasn’t an easy task, but I had thought

if I fluttered my eyelashes

coax him with saccharine words

that he would come to me


And oh!

How he did come to me


But instead I was the one ensnared







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