Barb-Wired Oracle




Don’t speak


You would have thought he had barbed wire

in his words-

metallic lead in his throat.

He could mutter words in a way

to curse you, absolutely break you darling.


You’re always speaking

Your words shoot venom

Keep them to yourself-


Be a good girl

You were so well when you kept those words

held in that aperture on your face


You had to go and shatter

everything around you with just a



Do you not like to be used?

Oh you do it so well, darling


The perfect doll

not speaking a word about

your inner turmoil


His unit of language was no omen.

It was spoken in the form of an invocation;

My guardian deity.

Celestial being. You

all mighty Mephistopheles



bared your fangs

and stripped me of my wings





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