Those strings are attached to my core When you pull and tug it just right- just right- like that- you leave my body singing darling


    That sleek metal calls to me bladed edge cool to the touch I miss those embers you gifted me with

an artist’s touch

    My mind is a frightening thing, you see, I can conjure you up out of fickle matter, and make you disappear like fine dust. I could make it as if you never existed, only if I pleased.


    Two syllables the same meaning- just as simple as any other word   But why doesn’t it sound the same coming from her lips

reversing lies

    They say we’ll have snow tomorrow, it is unlikely. The trees have been saying spring is coming, is what I thought, but then I looked outside and there you were. Those flakes covered the earth, and I never felt so pure.

lilith, you’re Éloa

  You plucked one of my roses pierced each freckle of mine until your thorns embedded my skin   Didn’t I have this same dream? This same dream darling, that you had come back- come back to me   Kissed me quite insane until I’m flushing; coming, going, and yearning for spiders twinged with lilies…

seething, blooming

    I have my time changed to yours what good does that do for me while I’m running backwards- counting on your minutes


  I kissed you last night So cruel the world is to me that it shall have your lips on mine Only in my dreams


  You know that feeling it feels like you’re walking on air   I would move stars if only you asked-   sweep sunlight right into thin air create ballads defying Chronos   I already know I’ve lost once I send you this song

days eyes

      It’s late over there, are you sleeping? I keep looking- darling I keep searching for you everywhere. Hours have passed yet I am wide awake. The only time I know you’re real is when sleep starts catching up to me; that’s when I feel you. I can sense your movement; white petals…


  You are dangerous -   yet here you are sharp tongue and soft eyes you could put Satan to shame

too far, you’re too far away

    I was never good at math but I’ve calculated each and every second every minute that added up the further that you were away from me   Do you count those hours hidden between us?   You said it was six but it feels like eight it feels like days I wonder if…


    I wonder if this is how Psyche felt when she dreamed up such a love cascading out of her arms trickling through her fingers wings the color of those honey laced arrows   You give me more than butterflies fill me up leave my knees shaking and stomach clenching I would become more…

broken conversations

    Your call wasn’t anywhere near a sirens it was pleading desperate   It’s not time yet   I tell you- you won’t listen   It’s drawing nearer


    How amusing it is that time passes by in the most peculiar way I noticed it in the flick of a lighter lines mar my skin a year has aged me It’s unbecoming measuring out my life with those ticks I have become a slave for them