Maybe it says a lot about me, wanting to constantly feel this bone satiating numbness. Oh, it’s so welcoming. It doesn’t tease me at all, barely even beckons me with words; I fall pliant by merely the thought of it.    


  One would think it was raining petals out here the way that dust transfigured the air   It reminded me of you- clear, white skies, parasitic- the only way I could describe   I would rather be blocked from all sight of you

picking petals

    I was in the heavens trying to watch you Milky waves altered my vision If I pressed hard enough I just might, darling maybe I could touch you, taste you I feel you on the tip of my tongue already I swear when I get like this it’s like your body is singing…


    I like when you are blooming  when you’re first aching, bonded and begging- your body thrumming with release   Your petals clinging and latching onto futile leaves   It leaves you breathless- I know it does   It has my skin stinging and burning, darling I can’t speak I’m practically  dripping for release…


             I find that flowers under a cloudy sky are absolutely beautiful; enthralling really. The colors clash together, grey skies, dazzling blossoms, the pungent smell of nectar and rain. It calms my soul, calms me in a way that maybe it shouldn’t, but the stark juxtaposition rattles me. It shakes…


 The skies were justas grey as ever out here It made me feel aliveit brought music into my veinshard and thrummingI felt like I could be pulsating What is it about this darkness-this darkness pulls me in It welcomes meand I welcome itwith the tasteof its petals on my tongue Oh how I welcome it


I always found there was something absolutely beautiful about raindrops on flowers. How they look dolloped on the petals, a drink for them. These pictures are taken one minute apart, a feat I didn't realize until now. It only took me 4 days to notice. As I was walking from my mailbox back to my…


Perhaps it was the miles in-between us that took you away from me; Or perhaps it was just myself that pushed you away. I started seeing your face everywhere, it was so cruel darling. My lips would go numb just from the simple thought of you. This glass filled with two fingers of brown- I…

capturing Venus

    I touch only where you tell me to.   You told me to feel the vines running along this rock Like the veins skimming your skin   You told me once- My sparrows can’t look away from you, mirrors do nothing but show your face. Tell me darling, are you having this problem?…

stealing petals

  That green swallows up those blossoms heavy lidded and full of intention There wasn’t even enough time for me to miss them- the way you came and ate away at those petals

the moth & the flame

    You tasted like sunlight   Something warm a little dangerous like liquor coursing through your blood searing into your veins   I loved you that way hot and heady completely enthralled rays sticking to me like a moth to a flame   You eat me right up

White in Green

    Dirty petals- they eat up this sidewalk drowning off white- those colors blending with cement It sickens me

witches prison

    You are indecisive with your rugged claws Too cunning to coddle   You bare your fangs at me waiting with bated breaths emerald eyes a tad bit of silver cutting through your coat   You wait until that sphere finally reveals itself   Paper thin trails leading back back back to you Your…


    Dandelion petals close up around me suffocating and brutal bright yellow bruises beating down on these surfaces   You come back alive when the sun comes out but I’m already splintered captured in your golden prison

sunflower fields

    There was a sunflower field at my great grandparents old house. I remember those stalks rose high in the sky, so much taller than me, they crowded above me like pillars; rooting me to the spot. I always admired it from afar, but I never stepped foot in that field, as if it…