Nullified Hearts



I once shared a room next to you two


In that quaint little house

that shared

my hopes and dreams

It held a younger and delighted me


I was so inexperienced

but I believed true love existed


I was free

floating on a cloud

painted by imaginary

love and fulfillment that

the two of you blinded me with


But the sadness was envious of me


Your laughs

they once lulled me to sleep

It was replaced

with sobs of hate

that still keep me awake at night


A younger and delighted me

I said


That is now broken

over a love that

two people never

experienced with each other

in the first place


Your artificial smiles

and imitated humor

they hurt me more than

you could have imagined


It all started with a bittersweet talk

I saw it coming

I heard their cries

questions of why


And no matter how much you denied it

I knew the truth


I know this was never love


No longer disillusioned

by deceiving words

days spent wondering

why you’re no longer here


Because I knew





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