I Fancied You’d Return….

blurryface aesthetic |-_ twenty one pilots



I thought

maybe if I don’t talk to you, then I won’t remember you. 

The silence told me to erase you, burn you, throw out 

every item I’ve owned that could remind me of you. 

But all it did was make me think of you more. 

I told myself

don’t go there, don’t get on here, don’t look, 

why are you looking? 

You love to be reminded that you are not needed. 

Why do you do this? 


Do you see that star there? He doesn’t see 

that little flashing pentagram, but you do, that is what he thinks of you as. 

Nothing but a spec of dust. 

A forlorn thought. 

I think you made me up inside your head. 

He only remembers you when he is lonely. 

You remember everything. 

The shape of his lips, you cry thinking about his touch. You 

think I don’t see, but I can taste it. I swallow your sorrow, and it’s so pathetic darling. 

Clinging onto things that don’t want to be wanted, yet you cling anyways. 

You are so sad. 

You are waiting, for what I don’t know, but you wait; 

though you’re so easily forgotten. 

I am apart of you and I hardly remember your name. 

I shut my eyes but the world is already dead. 





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