Serenading Orion


I always find myself living as if I were you. How amazingly brilliant you are and you don’t even realize.


The gods angered in their hearts, that stone cold beating until it finally wore out; questioning if what powers they had amounted to yours.


The galaxies formed around you, and all I could remember was that we were floating next to Alpha Orionis, tottering on the edge of Betelgeuse; I always wanted to make myself smarter because of how ingenious you were. But, how we made it to the constellation of Orion, I’ll never know. The bright orange that flickered off your eyes, made an amber shade that intertwined with my emotions.


It made me fall from underneath my knees – It was exactly how I imagined it.


The fall caving in around us, making me chill; or maybe it was the way my intensity built up for you.


I was in the pyramids trying to find you, Lord knows how spontaneous you are, the ambition you purposely gave me. Not even realizing that, or anything else.


Darling, I don’t care about the distance, the miles; I’ll perish if I should ever be away from you again.


Or if you should ever try to love another, please don’t.


My days without you will be weary, and I myself couldn’t handle the agony that shall be portrayed upon my face. You are every being, everything that I have ever offered.


My movement is empowered through you; as you laugh so shall I, and as you cry I shall comfort you.


Oh, when I stare into those eyes how everything inside of me melts away.


Those scars, and bruises that will be on your skin forever, have made up every picture that is reflected off of your body.





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