Take Me To The Sky



You had eyes like the setting sun

fiery gold with specs of amber

delicate fingers

plush lips


I remember first

laying eyes on you

our souls

burning to stay reunited


I would serenade you

with breakfast at Tiffany’s

a moon and a river

and tidbits of huckleberry


We spent eons together

I know so

because I measured it by

the number of stars I counted


in your eyes


they held

a touch of temptation

a lick of inducement


those lashes could

sweep you off your feet

even in death


How does it feel to be ravished by me


You’d chime it like a prayer

it was poison on my tongue

but I swallowed it as if

it was an elixir


Like it had tasted of

had smelled of



It’s written there on

the pictures etched in

your skin

tiny fragments you point out

and feed me


She talks about love as if

it was the east

and she is

that sun

and I am nothing but Icarus





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