Requiem for Icarus



It sounded like a calm day on the shore

wind rushing rustling hair the color of classic films

you’d feed me with breakfast at Tiffany’s

serenade the moon to me with bits of passion

I blush the same color as the setting sky

and melt with you


It was the color of yellow gold

the type that poured into our window

whilst we were tangled in the sheets

The luminescence played against your skin

it gave you an ethereal glow darling

It was the color of dreams coming true


But it tasted bitter


It was so hard to swallow


Yet I still cried for it

tears kissing my chest the same way

that greedy sun did you

I felt like that wax that touched his wings


The smell of it would send me haywire

you smelled of a moonlit night

open fields or deep forests

like what the stars are made up of


She was everything I



but she wanted to chase the rays of the sun







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