Peitho’s Muse




She kisses like an artist would



with bits of the raging sea

etched onto her tongue

It would lap away at me

just like that sand


and I could almost taste it


When she would hover above me

Only she would be able

to distinguish which notes to play


When those exquisite fingers

would skim across my pulse

To press lightly

feeding off of my stifling sounds


Eyes alive and smoldering

Like spice that catches

onto your skin


A regale of delicacies

Ripe and ready

for bursting passion

and soft curves


For those dirty taunts

to lick across your skin

In the form of her hand


It was as easy as breathing for her

When she would seal her lips

over mine

atop featherlight pillows


Her tongue

sang the music of love

against my lips


That poisonous fruit

just as wicked as that serpent





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