witches prison

    You are indecisive with your rugged claws Too cunning to coddle   You bare your fangs at me waiting with bated breaths emerald eyes a tad bit of silver cutting through your coat   You wait until that sphere finally reveals itself   Paper thin trails leading back back back to you Your…


                      When that road is cold and lonely look at that sphere and follow it all the way to here trace those map of stars those flashing dots chase that route back to me


  Bounded to the night by a flickering light one moonstruck hand pressed graciously to my breast while another one ticks me quite insane

littering rays

    The moon is radiant tonight spilling ringlets of rays down I wonder if this is what they mean when they say the sky is alive

Moonlight Serenade

    I need you most when the clouds are covering you. Thick, blanketed sheets of cotton erasing you from my vision. It is so lonesome here without you; although you are still there. I picture you wrapped up in the cosmos, smiling from that haven. Your rays bring me warmth. I long for the…