Poisoned Cadavers



It’s hard to greet you properly- when you won’t let me get the words out. Those invisible strings make it feel like my throat is wrapped tight. There are claws there, I can’t see them, but I can feel them digging into my gut.

You won’t let me be free

Why won’t you let me be free?

My questions go unanswered by you. You laugh at my fate, twist balls of nerves deep inside of me. You make me hate myself.

You’ve always hated yourself

You’ve always made me hate myself

I don’t like to think of you as an old friend. I’m exhausted by the idea that you love me so much. You, who are dark and twisted, always vines of thorns- you are never steady. You, who causes destruction and beauty, you paint pictures of crimson in my mind.

I hate you

I think I might come to love you

Oh, you do love to hear me say that. You welcome me as a friend. With your pale horse, heralding shrieks of terror, bellows of madness. You are a menace with your love; completely terrifying.

I know not why you fancy me

You leave me frightened






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