I should’ve known better when it was
just one. A spare glance, a knight in shinning armor. You didn’t do it to set me free, you did it to trap me again. To hurdle me into a whirlwind of indecipherable messages, egotistical thoughts of love.
I was with you when it died. When those lies took its last breaths of life, and how invigorating it was darling. To watch those shards cripple the life we thought we would live together. It wrapped a tightly knitted web around your fathers home, transferred it to that backdoor out in that place I never wanted to be. I could hardly remember the name, it speaks of death when I utter it now, blatant belligerence to your foolishness. It speaks of malice, of lingering cries, hysterical laughs. I wanted to forego those memories, but they stick to me. They crawl under my skin like little ants burrowing in the grass. It makes its home in the center of my brain, unscathed. These memories. Just this one.





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