Some of you watched that 8 minutes and 46 second video  

without even blinking an eye. 

Sat there with a smile on your face- 

one less animal to worry about, you say.

Yet we go into these streets, holding signs and voicing our lives- 

They’re going to kill me. 

My stomach hurts. 

I can’t breathe. 

Yet I’m supposed to care about a few broken windows, shattered doors, 

billion-dollar businesses that replace the goods with their loot 

one second later; stocks not budging an inch. 

Yet I’m supposed to care about the ones who are meant to 

serve and protect, tongues dripping with the lie to 

serve and protect. The protected becoming the victims. 

It breaks my heart that you really don’t care. 

That you believe all that you see from those monopolistic bastards 

controlling everything that you see- that you can’t see the bigger 

picture because you never had to.  

Yet I’m supposed to care, I’m supposed to feel some 

sympathy because your privileged life got put on hold. 

You’re worried about a virus meanwhile these blue lives that matter 

are making us go blue in the face- a virus.  

Oh, but we don’t have the right to be upset. 

You don’t have to worry about them kneeling on your neck. 

Yet we’re supposed to care that they are kneeling now. 

Right back at square one. 




Petitions you can sign, bail funds, and also necessary information on the Black Lives Matter movement (website updated daily):


15 Social Justice Organizations

Bail Funds

Black Visions Collective

Justice for Floyd

Black trans women fund

Reform American Police

Stream to Donate



For the people who live internationally, you can use the zip code 98204 – Everett, WA.


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