Musings From 30,000 Feet



I find myself looking forward to the end of the month now; now that I’ve started this musing of some sort. I find it reassuring knowing that I’m talking to you all like this even though we don’t really communicate.

I’d like to say this is a way for me to figure out your thoughts, where your life is leading you, but unfortunately it’s mainly because I’m actually terrible at trying to write. Procrastination and I are best friends.

It’s laughable at best.

I‘m currently in the midst of making a big move. I’m going through lots of changes recently that I feel as if I should be proud of, and maybe I will a few months forward, but as of this moment I’ve felt nothing.

Well, to say nothing would actually be an understatement, I haven’t been able to not not feel anything. So saying something more along the lines of ‘as of this moment I’ve felt everything’ would be more appropriate.

I’m just rambling as always, my point to all of this is I hope your lives are changing. It’s nice being comfortable with everyday norms, but it’s also nice switching up your lifestyle. Deleting old music, drinking more water, maybe you’ve started to paint more.

Any change is a nice change.

I hope this small little message finds you all well.






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