The Art is Drowning


She had ribbons eroded into her skin


Feint lines of marred patches

that line up with the despair

you see deep into her eyes


It sickens me just thinking about it


She used to whisper

those tears made it sound as if she was



It’s like dying,

dying but

in a way that makes you feel liberated darling


I wanted to save her

tried to save her

from the demon that was

eating away at


Her pretty soul


Sunken with a pain

that I had not felt until we met


In the soft moonlight


She would cry soundlessly into

her pillow at night

shy away from the touch

I would reach out to comfort her with


I’d never ask why she was crying

but I wanted to trace the lines of her palms

so badly


I wanted her to finally breathe

take in that fresh air

let her experience how

the Earth feels after winter is wiped away

and spring comes


I wanted to see how she looks

when she’s alive



Even if she is teetering on divine’s comedy






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