The Reprisal of Persephone



Those feathers

were longer than life

stretched out in a way

that could brush along

the tendrils of death himself


Hera had mused to me one night

with spite on her tongue

lips thick with malice

and tone dripping of mirth


Cunning as she was

whilst spinning a sirens song to me

as she serenaded about the muses


Athirst in her quest

to taunt vernally


One night


She sang it proudly to the moon


A pinioned crown

perched atop

bronzed miasma

it bled crimson on her dome


That calamus

still sticky with brawn

stunk of terror

yet you spewed that ballad valorously

like the impostor you are


That saffron crescent fell ill

veered white at your hymn

and trickled down

from our aghast havens


She laid athwart

hell bent brines

and conceived enclaves

from your ignominies


Finished the arrival

with oblate surfaces

and polished shrubs


When spring had come

you dimmed your tone


Oh Hera 

forlorn in your empyrean


by the terrains deity


You spoke

such a whimsical psalm before


Trifled with the one

who ensnared Hades himself

just for a scant taste of enmity

even you could never fathom


For the reason is that

you are petrified of fire and brimstone






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