Hello you guys (: aside from me writing poetry for myself, and also for you guys’ viewing, I’m also willing to accept submissions. Here are a few requirements I have before you send anything in.

  • I mainly write poetry, but I occasionally dabble in short stories and whatnot, so word count doesn’t matter to me. Although, if you do want it a certain length please make sure to let me know :3
  • Along with word count, I would also like to know the genre you want, any specifications you can think of, characters and whatnot. I like to get a feel of what I’m writing so that nothing seems to forced.
  • PLEASE allow me some time while working on it, I will start as soon as I receive your submission, but PLEASE do not rush me.
  • I will post submissions (depending on how many I get) at least twice a week. Please keep in mind it might take longer, but since my blog is still small I will do my very best to get them up ASAP.

All submissions can be sent to my email

Last but not least, since poetry is my passion all of the submissions I write will be for free, and will be published on here— UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE

Thank you (:


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