Month: June 2020

  • problems- ready

      I could have loved you But you- you felt the need to erase me. You made it so I never even existed and So I never even existed. All it took was a little neglect; A spill from your lips, was all it took for me to be scraped out. I hated you soon…

  • temples

        they always come in twos  two devils keen on ruining me And   they are so sweet   So willing are those brutes  to drown me in beseech   make my body a temple for sin  licking crimson across my skin   

  • musing.

      I’ve been working on getting my book together lately, I don’t know who it’s for anymore. If it’s for you or for me. These doubts keep constantly piling up in my mind. One would think after this long I’d grow fond of my own poetry, but it seems my mind is a trivial thing. She…

  • circles

      wednesday finds me easily enough  pitted between wanting and wanted  you used to be nearer   so much closer than you are now   it is a pity you’ve gone around  not much further than before  you never wait long  sometimes you wait too long  but we always end up back here    

  • 20/20

        Some of you watched that 8 minutes and 46 second video   without even blinking an eye.  Sat there with a smile on your face-  one less animal to worry about, you say. Yet we go into these streets, holding signs and voicing our lives-  They’re going to kill me.  My stomach hurts.  I…