Month: May 2020

  • Conversations With Four & Five

    I have daughters who look up to you as if you’re some dashing hero Your godlike prowess doesn’t stop you from killing us- it doesn’t hide the fact you’re terrified   Five and four and I have to be the one to tell them that they don’t like us because We are Black   Their […]

  • privileged pigsty

      You are an infestation; a morally degrading piece of flesh- I couldn’t call you human even if I tried-   With your blue mantel you hold up so high playing God all lives matter but your knee is on our necks   You hold us on a precipice like that should make us surrender; […]

  • numb

    Maybe it says a lot about me, wanting to constantly feel this bone satiating numbness. Oh, it’s so welcoming. It doesn’t tease me at all, barely even beckons me with words; I fall pliant by merely the thought of it.    

  • parasite

      One would think it was raining petals out here the way that dust transfigured the air   It reminded me of you- clear, white skies, parasitic- the only way I could describe   I would rather be blocked from all sight of you

  • picking petals

        I was in the heavens trying to watch you Milky waves altered my vision If I pressed hard enough I just might, darling maybe I could touch you, taste you I feel you on the tip of my tongue already I swear when I get like this it’s like your body is singing […]

  • musings//

        I like when you are blooming  when you’re first aching, bonded and begging- your body thrumming with release   Your petals clinging and latching onto futile leaves   It leaves you breathless- I know it does   It has my skin stinging and burning, darling I can’t speak I’m practically  dripping for release […]

  • 125

                 I find that flowers under a cloudy sky are absolutely beautiful; enthralling really. The colors clash together, grey skies, dazzling blossoms, the pungent smell of nectar and rain. It calms my soul, calms me in a way that maybe it shouldn’t, but the stark juxtaposition rattles me. It shakes […]

  • obsidian

      The skies were just as grey as ever out here   It made me feel alive it brought music into my veins hard and thrumming I felt like I could be pulsating   What is it about this darkness- this darkness pulls me in   It welcomes me and I welcome it with the […]

  • petals

    I always found there was something absolutely beautiful about raindrops on flowers. How they look dolloped on the petals, a drink for them. These pictures are taken one minute apart, a feat I didn’t realize until now. It only took me 4 days to notice. As I was walking from my mailbox back to my […]

  • letter-

    Perhaps it was the miles in-between us that took you away from me; Or perhaps it was just myself that pushed you away. I started seeing your face everywhere, it was so cruel darling. My lips would go numb just from the simple thought of you. This glass filled with two fingers of brown- I […]

  • doves

        I touch only where you tell me to.   You told me to feel the vines running along this rock Like the veins skimming your skin   You told me once- My sparrows can’t look away from you, mirrors do nothing but show your face. Tell me darling, are you having this problem? […]

  • stealing petals

      That green swallows up those blossoms heavy lidded and full of intention There wasn’t even enough time for me to miss them- the way you came and ate away at those petals

  • the moth & the flame

        You tasted like sunlight   Something warm a little dangerous like liquor coursing through your blood searing into your veins   I loved you that way hot and heady completely enthralled rays sticking to me like a moth to a flame   You eat me right up

  • White in Green

        Dirty petals- they eat up this sidewalk drowning off white- those colors blending with cement It sickens me