Month: April 2020

  • witches prison

        You are indecisive with your rugged claws Too cunning to coddle   You bare your fangs at me waiting with bated breaths emerald eyes a tad bit of silver cutting through your coat   You wait until that sphere finally reveals itself   Paper thin trails leading back back back to you Your […]

  • captive

        Dandelion petals close up around me suffocating and brutal bright yellow bruises beating down on these surfaces   You come back alive when the sun comes out but I’m already splintered captured in your golden prison

  • sunflower fields

        There was a sunflower field at my great grandparents old house. I remember those stalks rose high in the sky, so much taller than me, they crowded above me like pillars; rooting me to the spot. I always admired it from afar, but I never stepped foot in that field, as if it […]

  • The Suns Rival

        you remind me of something daring red hot blazing your rays full of wonder You could relieve the sun from its post

  • distorted

      My colors have been fading.   I watch as that cerulean and apricot melt away, crimson brings way for obsidian, yellow strikes forth toward my horizon; I don’t foresee its victory.   No, the only thing I can see is my demise.

  • glistening eyes

        The air is glittering I can see it well shimmering and thrumming thrumming just like this heart of mine

  • bed of blues

        Red blossoms on a bed of blue branches singeing skylines it becomes so silent out here out in this sea of moss cicadas quiet down as if they finally found their mate when will I- when will it be my time to feel that peace

  • drops of yellow

        Yellow dazes me out in star studded fields; the suns flowers tickling my skin. I laugh with you while you pluck sweet petals for me, large and small. Setting leaflets atop my skin. I have never felt so free.

  • rewritten

        Peach rises along that frame dewey drops speckled on your skin I’ve written such verses hundreds of times yet the words still do not- Why don’t they come out right

  • dazed

        Red stains me all those vivid hues clashing against my skin happy trails bent on euphoria I miss you yearn for the rush again long for nothing

  • horizons

        I would like to see you out on sea. That water endless, and sky infinite. I picture you high up there, gas burning light years away from me, but I could touch you with a single breath. Yes, I would be able to close my eyes and feel you burning me alive. In […]

  • fate

        There’s a thin line crossing from my space to yours Mocking- brooding- and so daunting that squiggle is It does nothing but mock us    

  • painting verses

          I am thinking of you as I type these little words out, sculpting them finely in order to perfectly grasp your essence. With your sun kissed skin and wicked eyes, devilish smile; two tiny flicks to peel layers off of my wings. That white was too haggard for me anyways- it doesn’t […]

  • ripened moons

        You come alive when the moon has ripened towering up on four paws chasing that mountain of blue Yellow eyes set out on budded pastures Rugged claws begging- pleading– for that freedom I can see it in you that crave the desire You wish to be let go to not belong and I […]

  • linked

        I am starting to count one dot two dots pressed against your skin they connect with the dimples in your cheeks like you are to me