Month: March 2020

  • isadora’s scarf

        Sometimes I just feel very useless. There’s no real solution to my problem, it’s something that constantly keeps me awake at night. It makes my stomach tense, sickens me, squeezing the life out that I barely even want to live. It’s a dangerous feeling, makes me hate myself and all that I’ve become. […]

  • teo licks

        I picture my lips sealing over yours delicate and plush and sweet oh so sweet leaving me aching -bewitched    

  • thorns

        You are cascading off of a flowers husk branded and beautiful you are yet blinded, blinding, your roots binding me against petals until I am suffocating drowning in a sea of daisies      

  • consume

        White hot ash blinds me rendering my soul enslaving me to this earth

  • molding stars

      You have a band of stars entwined around your throat latching and spewing cold balls of matter   If you grasp it you said you’ll become the ice that lies in my veins   So touch it I did

  • The Muses Path

        You’re an endless painting you’re not just ordinary artwork you travel on for miles and miles scraping sediments off the earth burning moonlight in your wake carving up a muses path narrowed by bits of your laugh just for you- this terrain we made just for you

  • consume

        This sadness eats away at me locks its fingers around my  throat and squeezes- tightens just so- you make it so hard to breathe

  • stars dropping silently

        Stars fall as fickle as leaves out here casting their shadow against this muggy little windowpane I imagine us as them painted in that sky with not a shred of distance between us and it warms me burns me up like those balls of gas flashing pentagrams save for that that washed up […]

  • will it bloom this year?

        One dandelion, two growing from that root, root planted right at your foot   You receive three petals, four gobbling up stalks of stems- stem stalks shaped of hyacinth   I was four- fed foul leaflets Spoonfuls of blushing yellows, blazing lilacs   Consuming, it’s dissolving Seven shattered     Oed’ und leer […]

  • resonance

      I tasted the voice before I heard it. It was so soft and succulent in its speaking; ripened like the flesh of an apple, crimson in its color. You whispered words here and there, the willows singing along with you. I had thought to myself quickly, that only gods and goddesses had such a […]

  • pigmented

        Obsidian iris- that stupid pupil -even while drowning you can’t close

  • crave

      Those strings are attached to my core When you pull and tug it just right- just right- like that– you leave my body singing darling

  • tides//

        That sleek metal calls to me bladed edge cool to the touch I miss those embers you gifted me with

  • flowering

        You take nibbles of my scars scratching layers of my heart until you reach down down down to the depths of me plucking my roots and birthing more flaws

  • to efface

        I have to fix my face while talking to you spew endearments that leave bile rising in the back of my throat   I’d much rather effacement