Month: February 2020

  • her

      Do you still have the letters I gave you? I put mine away. Threw those words into the crevice of my mind- hoping just wishing- I could forget about you. I saw you in every part of him. Is that what you want me to say? He had eyes like you yet yours were […]

  • I’m-prisoned

      Its been a while since we’ve been here. I thought if I gave you time, then maybe you would have come back to me, but instead you never came. Now it feels as if I’m less than what I was. There were never two halves that made us whole,   rather you beat away […]

  • hollowed words

    You don’t feel right in my grasp. The weight of your words mean nothing to me, letters spilling out- nothing short of emptiness. There is a hollow ground inside of you. One that cages me in, and you make me feel so cold. I’ve never felt so alone

  • musings-

    I have fooled myself into thinking that I need you   It’s simple on nights like these with warmth seeping under my windowpane my days full of bitterness   How easy it is for you to blame your insufficiency on me

  • melting calamus

        These hands are tethered rope fastened feathers of yours smiling down on me   You reach for my eyes crooked teeth a freckle placed upon my lips   Counting, counting our life is measured by seconds, seven petals dropping   Which one will be our last

  • Demeter’s Skies

    It has stopped raining, but around us there’s thunderstorms and hail, and you- you are the holder of it all. You slip your lips against my own, dominating skies, controlling winds like you have strings attached to them. When we break away it’s with reluctance. A sliver of the sun showing through obsidian clouds, and […]

  • fluttered steps

      follow me follow me down the path to diamond pentagons and glowing spheres   we travel we’ve been traveling so far but that road leads to somewhere   it takes so long it has been years my feet are trembling yet there you go – go off fluttering

  • red, ripe lips

      Ripe ripe, red lips   The flush of blood that accompanies your skin a chambered globose perfectly bruised ripened for the picking   I only miss you when I see you like this   With fibers creasing into your folds lips slack with nothing to show but red ravenous servility  

  • falling, fallen

        You taste better without nourishment numb buzzing and filling my veins confusing reality with delusions   How long will it be until you miss me until you call on me again beckon me with clear vials-   -misshapen canteens misconstrued truths-   It doesn’t take much to fall into submission

  • unraveled

      Is it possible- darling is it possible for this thread to disappear? How is it that this crimson burns obsidian, tearing hatred into our hearts. We are already miles apart. There is nothing left that could happen, yet why is it, we are straying further away from each other. I feel as if I’m […]

  • tides of seasons

      Rain drops cease where do you go when it’s not winter anymore where are you when spring calls for you

  • touching galaxies- unformidable

      The cylinders ring severing limbs as their calling plagues of diseases   —a short walk to the other side   only a handful of leaded tubes keeping you grounded

  • bits of glass

    kaleidoscope eyes wicked pupils you daze me so