Month: January 2020

  • swinging slow, pendulum

        It’s all a little bit too much- even just thinking about it chokes me up. The thought causing me to suffocate. I hardly know what I’m doing- swinging left and right; a lifeless cradle. The weight of this lever sinks heavy into my gut. Pushing one sphere too far out, frazzled jabs, striking a force […]

  • three days

        That crow is coming it squawks so loud that beacon of death I know you are here for me   I can tell in the way black clouds follow you Chasing plagues I would have rather had the darkness   I would have rather felt nothing be nothing

  • muddled minds

    Numbness has grasped ahold of me thick blankets of obsidian trapped in my mind this is a hellhole

  • ensnared

        Sappho, you wrote it for her didn’t you? You couldn’t resist when those mahogany eyes landed on yours. They must’ve been the embodiment of the earth, matted soil, yet spring blossoms threaded onto her branches. She would sing her muses to you, put you up on a pedestal, shower you with her praises. […]

  • you,prisoner

        I often think of my inspirations, or my lack thereof, and I wonder why I keep coming back to this place. You are no longer a safe haven for me, you remind me of things they have forgotten about, you keep me trapped. I have been confined by these lines for more than […]

  • vacant

        A shell has blanketed itself around me covered the color of the ravens feathers You leave me vacant

  • up here, I’m drowning

      My dear, I’ve warned you about flying too high, but you never listen to me, much too enamored with my rays. They will burn you. They will be your demise someday. This matter eats me alive, out here where there’s no air. When I look to you, see the wax that’s covering your wings, […]

  • stifling

      It hurts darling why does it hurt to be near you

  • drowning

        I like the way you sound when you’re beating down atop my hooded head   Hollowed out noise making up an orchestra   But I like it better when those drops lift my chin up   When icy winds carrying me you make me drown

  • Orion, my muse

      I finally found you after weeks of hiding you shone so brightly almost as if you missed me too

  • rewind

        What did I do what have I done I replay in my head every minute every motion I had that could’ve fueled this to happen I count the seconds in your eyes trying to figure out which thing you’ll say now to lie to me about How about the you’re the only one […]

  • bared luck

        You couldn’t have taken my love not since it was given to you so you chose to strip me down instead   You started with my eyes scratching them raw plucking skin between deft fingers   My lips were next down the line of my nose a Cupid’s bow that made Eros hurl […]

  • blanketed

        Violin strings must have been embedded into your bones darling he could fine tune you better than any musician strip you down until nothing but raw strings were left just dust and termites leftover in your body

  • falling

        Pink blush settles on my sun melting roses on the rise if only I could be one of those fallen petals

  • stuttered reflections

        I do it just to feel something just to feel some type some type of pain but the words go through me they bleed through me you would have that I was made up of cellophane