emptied hourglasses

  What was it that changed? Did they give you something that I couldn’t have aside from peace of mind all this love I had left to give I think the problem was that we had too much time and not enough time to do anything

burning supernovas

  I see you’re being social now I waited for what seemed like eons until you finally showed up again it wasn’t like how we met last time with those two thousand and something forgotten hours misplaced minutes until it cut us down We were only talking just to talk just to feel some semblance…

Ulysses’ Benediction

  I gathered up wax for the others ears they were not to hear the song you sung for me   Bounded here on this post threads entwining my arms yet it was your song that captured me   I listened with rapt attention my mouth dry eyes ensured by the beauty of it all…

trickled matter

  What’s in a faces name a kaleidoscope of colors different speeches   I once tried to construct yours tried to map out your features etch that sound onto my tongue   It had amounted to nothing but fragments of stardust trickled matter   It all amounts to nothing in your eyes


  It’s funny isn't it? The fire burning in our eyes, people's eyes, and then at once that flame could go away. I once breathed in the fresh air that flowed through my hair, took in the smell of the deep aroma. Your shadow casting its own spell upon me. It reminded me of calla…

inadequate winds

  Where are you during these times I have been thinking of you constantly the winter wind seems to stop for nobody not even us I’m envious of that space vast currents possibly kissing your skin I am missing you terribly


  I can still picture the way those eyes ran through me, penetrating my soul. The warmth of his hand searing onto my cheek. I never felt more alive than in that spare moment. A flash of serendipity that casted me into nirvana for a split second; the only thing cocooning me in was that…


  They love to tear you down try to strip you of your name because you are a gem to them   They are afraid of what you have accomplished your goals set in stone they envy you want to mock you   that is all they live for But you are what I live…


  Bounded to the night by a flickering light one moonstruck hand pressed graciously to my breast while another one ticks me quite insane


    I’ve gotten so used to missing you I don’t even cry anymore not a sound comes out when I think of you it is like you never once existed


    I had a cry with the devil once his laughter resounded in my ears shrill screams of excitement at seeing my pity   I talked with him oh why your ears were closed I do not know   But he made farce antics out of my anguish talons threaded in my essence holding…


It has been years, darling it has been lustrum. I have watched you- brittle and weak- an attachment to this life that I so often loathed. You have been drudged up from muck; on the verge of fatality. Yet there was a spark in you. An energy that was tied to this earth, and sweetheart…

dazed and

  Why can’t you love me as we were   blinding and beautiful with just a touch of madness   darling now I’m damaged

Pickpocketing danger

  The sunflowers have no smell to them this year- they reek of frost and desolation. Putrid yellow tendrils tangling with the Earth. I am waiting for them to ravish this planet. To bear destruction that they so often bring. Their demeanor gives one a sense of amour, flushed happiness hiding its true intent. I…

Worth The Weight of Gold

  The swing of her hips were like waves lapping away in the ocean   She walks as if the universe is held captive on her palm   Straight-backed like you’re impenetrable   Eyes violent- you’re too efficacious to waver   She traipsed across that pavement like she owned it   Concrete caved delicately beneath…