Month: December 2019

  • musings-

        I get the feeling that I haven’t been putting as much passion into my work as I used to. It’s almost a struggle for me to figure out what to write now. Maybe it’s because I write so often? Sometimes I feel as if I try too hard to write about something or the […]

  • stoicism

        There was nothing there in the first place; no you or I I hardly even knew myself- I could have pointed you out before me. I wonder if you feel that too. I see you are doing things to remind yourself of me, does it feel the same? Does it seem like I […]

  • measuring space

      There are stars that connect us they drive us down this pathway mark us with light speckles and passages unreachable   They are open to us these secrets are only ours to know we are the only keepers here

  •     Alas.. the moment is just as suggestive as such your eyes alight in their quest I trace pinwheels against your surface connecting those dots you call macula down onto your bosom chest heaving up in delight you placed a solemn kiss along on my skin and I knew I was yours

  • erosion

    Do you ever think about it? Do you think about that taste, you ever crave that essence. When I think about it, I feel like dew drops first kissing the desert sand. Miles of rattled dust turning into silt, waters rushing- rustling my skin. I feel on fire.

  • solstice

                          When that road is cold and lonely look at that sphere and follow it all the way to here trace those map of stars those flashing dots chase that route back to me

  • peppermint daydreams

      Mistletoe kisses wake me up in the morning streams of sunlight greet me and I open my eyes to plaid presents dozens of bows this winter is cold it’s so frigid darling but your happiness warms my soul

  • rewind

        I hope you’re still reading this these mundane little messages I send out each and every one of them are for you no matter how hard I try   I find I can’t do anything to erase you and it’s terrible really it’s so tragic thinking of you in all the seconds of […]

  • avidity

      Curiosity- curiosity is a cynical sin rapacious desire you are greedy and foul and I will continue to drink of you

  •   I heard the voice. It was so soft and succulent in its speaking. I had thought to myself quickly, that only angels had such a voice. In my haste of searching I realized quickly that I could come upon a siren, but most beautiful the voice was, I couldn’t yet stop my feet from […]

  • Horned Deity

      I picture you with wicked horns lush green vines wrapped around tethered petals just begging to be picked and prodded on   With your rugged claws desperate voice bared deep into these trees I would mingle with you like the breeze does the leaves

  • Roses Dipped in Desire

      There was something in the air that day, like roses tinged with hunger. Pretty red petals the color of her lips when she walked up to me and uttered her name. I hadn’t heard a thing, only sensed that quiet calm air around her and the shape of her name echoing off of those […]

  • Words of Praise

      Wet rain turns into pain as the sound on my pane commences and intertwines with my pain my heart sore from the silent screams that fall   My bed wet with dew I wake up and find you gone once again- the rain washes away and I become anew   For wonders happen when […]

  • 18th

        All of those days blended together until I couldn’t even tell what was right from left. I can always feel it, that shift in the air. The heavens would bare its weight down, crumble me. I couldn’t remember anything, not even the shape of your face when I heard. All I could remember […]

  • Barb-Wired Oracle

        Don’t speak   You would have thought he had barbed wire in his words- metallic lead in his throat. He could mutter words in a way to curse you, absolutely break you darling.   You’re always speaking Your words shoot venom Keep them to yourself-   Be a good girl You were so […]